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China Development Bank


China Development Bank (CDB or the Bank), established in 1994, is a state-funded and state-owned development finance institution operating as an independent legal entity under the direct leadership of the State Council. The Bank is dedicated to supporting Chinas economic development in key industries and underdeveloped sectors.

Committed to strengthening national competitiveness and improving peoples livelihood, the Bank aligns its business focus with Chinas major medium- and long-term economic development strategies by leveraging its unrivalled position as a leading bank for medium- and long-term financing and comprehensive financial services, so as to raise and channel economic resources in support of the following areas: 

(1) Economic and social development, including infrastructure, basic industries, pillar industries, public services and management; 

(2) New urbanization, urban-rural integration, and balanced regional development; 

(3) Programs vital for national competitiveness, including energy conservation, environmental protection, high-end manufacturing, and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries; 

(4) Public welfare, including affordable housing, poverty alleviation, student loans, and inclusive finance; 

(5) National strategies including those in science and technology, culture, and people-to-people exchange; 

(6) International cooperation, including the Belt and Road Initiative, industrial capacity and equipment manufacturing projects, infrastructure connectivity, energy and resources, and Chinese enterprises Going Global

(7) Initiatives that support Chinas development needs and economic and financial reforms; 

(8) and other areas as mandated by and aligned with national development strategies and policies.

CDB strives to become a world-class development finance institution and provide sustained support for Chinas economic and social development. To this end, it pursues reform and innovation and taps into its strengths as a development finance institution that supports national strategies, operates on market principles with the backing of sovereign credit, and ensures principal safety and modest profitability. CDB never ceases to enhance its own competitiveness, relevance and presence, as well as risk resilience.



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Basic Recruitment Requirements


1. Chinese citizens of both genders.

2. 2018 graduates of Chinese and overseas institutions of higher education.

3. Decent and honest without unlawful behavior and records.

4. Active and creative in thinking and with potential for study and innovation.

5. Optimistic and aspirant, good at communication and team work.


For further information, please log on: http://www.cdb.com.cn